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 Fun & Educational Games – suitable for all ages

Click on the image below for a variety of games – English, Maths, Science, Art & Fun!


 Maths websites

Try out some of these great online games and links also.


TimesTimes Tables

caterpillar Ordering and sequencing numbersfunmaths 25 Maths games to keep you entertainedhit Learn your number bonds, times tables and more!
jetski Addition skills. Can you win the jetski race?millionaire Who wants to be a Mathionaire?  Can you win £1,000,000?bowling Play this bowling game by using your subtraction skills

English websites

jollyroger Jolly Roger phonicsstorymaker Write some amazing storiesdancemat Practice your typing skills

Science websites

sidscience Sid the Science Kidplants Plants game – help to grow the Rakweed!rollercoaster Digger and the gang – Rollercoaster fun!

Just for fun!

cbeebies Free, fun games and activities on the CBeebies websitefunbrain Fun games for children and their parents in the reading centrezoodles Get creative, colouring in different animals
snakes Road safety snakes and laddershorrid%20henry Horrid Henry’s wicked websitefrozen Disney Games

E-safety links for pupils


Keeping Safe Online: Being Smart Online 

Click on the links below for access to some fun

and useful websites that help to keep you safe online.

Kidsmart(1)Kidsmart – Fun games and activities tuk57 Fun ‘Things to Do’ and cartoons for 5-7 year olds
tuk810 Fun and Games to help you keep safe online for 8-10 year olds cbbc CBBC Stay Safe – Quizzes, songs and tips
saferinternetday2 Safer Internet Day – E-books, games and films childline2 Need to Talk? Contact Childline

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Interactive Tessellate website (Year 5 unit 5.3)