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STEM activities

These sites offer STEM based activities

STEM activities


California Science Center:

For the more ambitious:

Kennedy Space station has launched science lessons on Facebook live

NASA have made their entire photo gallery available online and copyright free

Look at the surface of Mars:

And see the Saturn 5 rocket


Disney ‘Imagineering in a Box’ has interesting articles which are suitable for older children

Science with Maddie Moate on Youtube – weekdays at 11am

This website has 12 virtual museum tours that your child can access

Glasgow Science Centre has lots of videos you can watch with your child including science investigations – search for them on Youtube – more aimed at older children

National Science Museum has lot of things to do and play

Home science investigations on

Guide Dogs have some great resources and STEM projects

Science Bob has lots of science investigations which you can do at home

Kids Zone have investigations, trivia and jokes