Let's write imageOur aim at Timu Academy Trust is to develop a culture where our children love writing. We do this through a carefully planned range of exciting cross-curricular opportunities and genres, designed to enthuse and inspire even the most reluctant writers.

Our children write for a range of purposes and audiences, in a variety of roles and from different points of view. To encourage creativity, the children are given regular chances for ‘free writing’ where they can write purely for pleasure about whatever inspires them. As a starting point, we will prompt ideas using stimuli which may include quality texts and books, film, TV and music.

When working on longer writing projects, our pupils are encouraged to view writing as a process (which requires drafting and editing) to produce a final text that they can be proud of. End pieces are celebrated within the class and across the wider school. We have even had some of our pupils’ writing published in a local newspaper!

At Iwade and Bobbing Schools, we want every child to be given every opportunity to grow up with a genuine love for writing, that will stay with them during further education and beyond.

Useful websites to support writing at home